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1. Aggron by pokemon3dsprites2. Aipom by pokemon3dsprites3. Alakazam by pokemon3dsprites4. Altaria by pokemon3dsprites5. Ampharos by pokemon3dsprites6. Arbok by pokemon3dsprites7. Arcanine by pokemon3dsprites8. Ariados by pokemon3dsprites9. Armaldo by pokemon3dsprites10. Azumarill by pokemon3dsprites11. Bayleef by pokemon3dsprites12. Beautifly (female) by pokemon3dsprites13. Beedrill by pokemon3dsprites14. Bellossom by pokemon3dsprites15. Breloom by pokemon3dsprites16. Butterfree by pokemon3dsprites17. Cacturne (female) by pokemon3dsprites18. Castform (sunny) by pokemon3dsprites19. Castform (snowy) by pokemon3dsprites20. Castform by pokemon3dsprites21. Castform (rainy) by pokemon3dsprites22. Chansey by pokemon3dsprites23. Charizard by pokemon3dsprites24. Chinchou by pokemon3dsprites25. Claydol by pokemon3dsprites26. Clefable by pokemon3dsprites27. Cloyster by pokemon3dsprites28. Crawdaunt by pokemon3dsprites29. Crobat by pokemon3dsprites30. Cyndaquil by pokemon3dsprites31. Delcatty by pokemon3dsprites32. Delibird by pokemon3dsprites33. Dewgong by pokemon3dsprites34. Ditto by pokemon3dsprites35. Dodrio by pokemon3dsprites36. Donphan (female) by pokemon3dsprites37. Shiny Dragonite by MidnightsShinies38. Dugtrio by pokemon3dsprites39. Duskull by pokemon3dsprites40. Dustox (female) by pokemon3dsprites41. Electrode by pokemon3dsprites42. Espeon by pokemon3dsprites43. Exeggutor by pokemon3dsprites44. Exploud by pokemon3dsprites45. Fearow by pokemon3dsprites46. Feebas by pokemon3dsprites47. Flareon by pokemon3dsprites48. Furret by pokemon3dsprites49. Gengar by pokemon3dsprites50. Gligar by pokemon3dsprites51. Golduck by pokemon3dsprites52. Golem by pokemon3dsprites53. Granbull by pokemon3dsprites54. Grimer by pokemon3dsprites55. Grovyle by pokemon3dsprites56. Gyarados by pokemon3dsprites57. Hariyama by pokemon3dsprites58. Hitmonchan by pokemon3dsprites59. Houndour by pokemon3dsprites60. Hypno by pokemon3dsprites61. Illumise by pokemon3dsprites62. Jolteon by pokemon3dsprites63. Jumpluff by pokemon3dsprites64. Jynx by pokemon3dsprites65. Kabuto by pokemon3dsprites66. Kingler by pokemon3dsprites67. Kirlia by pokemon3dsprites68. Ledian by pokemon3dsprites69. Lickitung by pokemon3dsprites70. Lileep by pokemon3dsprites71. Linoone by pokemon3dsprites72. Lombre by pokemon3dsprites73. Luvdisc by pokemon3dsprites74. Machamp by pokemon3dsprites75. Magmar by pokemon3dsprites76. Magneton by pokemon3dsprites77. Manectric by pokemon3dsprites78. Marowak by pokemon3dsprites79. Marshtomp by pokemon3dsprites80. Masquerain by pokemon3dsprites81. Mawile by pokemon3dsprites82. Medicham (male) by pokemon3dsprites83. Metang by pokemon3dsprites84. Mightyena by pokemon3dsprites85. Miltank by pokemon3dsprites86. Minun by pokemon3dsprites87. Misdreavus by pokemon3dsprites88. Moltres by pokemon3dsprites89. Murkrow by pokemon3dsprites90. Nidoking by pokemon3dsprites91. Nidoqueen by pokemon3dsprites92. Ninetales by pokemon3dsprites93. Noctowl by pokemon3dsprites94. Nosepass by pokemon3dsprites95. Numel (female) by pokemon3dsprites96. Octillery by pokemon3dsprites97. Omanyte by pokemon3dsprites98. Onix by pokemon3dsprites99. Parasect by pokemon3dsprites100. Persian by pokemon3dsprites101. Pidgeot by pokemon3dsprites102. Piloswine by pokemon3dsprites103. Pineco by pokemon3dsprites104. Pinsir by pokemon3dsprites105. Plusle by pokemon3dsprites106. Politoed by pokemon3dsprites107. Poliwrath by pokemon3dsprites108. Primeape by pokemon3dsprites109. Pupitar by pokemon3dsprites110. Raichu by pokemon3dsprites111. Rapidash by pokemon3dsprites112. Raticate by pokemon3dsprites113. Rhydon by pokemon3dsprites114. Roselia (female) by pokemon3dsprites115. Sableye by pokemon3dsprites116. Sandslash by pokemon3dsprites117. Scyther by pokemon3dsprites118. Seadra by pokemon3dsprites119. Seaking by pokemon3dsprites120. Seviper by pokemon3dsprites121. Sharpedo by pokemon3dsprites122. Shelgon by pokemon3dsprites123. Shiftry (male) by pokemon3dsprites124. Shuppet by pokemon3dsprites125. Skarmory by pokemon3dsprites126. Slowbro by pokemon3dsprites127. Slowking by pokemon3dsprites128. Sneasel (female) by pokemon3dsprites129. Snorlax by pokemon3dsprites130. Snorunt by pokemon3dsprites131. Solrock by pokemon3dsprites132. Spoink by pokemon3dsprites133. Stantler by pokemon3dsprites134. Starmie by pokemon3dsprites135. Sudowoodo by pokemon3dsprites136. Sunkern by pokemon3dsprites137. Swalot (male) by pokemon3dsprites138. Swellow by pokemon3dsprites139. Tauros by pokemon3dsprites140. Tentacruel by pokemon3dsprites141. Togepi by pokemon3dsprites142. Torchic by pokemon3dsprites143. Umbreon by pokemon3dsprites144. Ursaring by pokemon3dsprites145. Vaporeon by pokemon3dsprites146. Venomoth by pokemon3dsprites147. Venusaur by pokemon3dsprites148. Vibrava by pokemon3dsprites149. Victreebel by pokemon3dsprites150. Vigoroth by pokemon3dsprites151. Vileplume by pokemon3dsprites152. Wailmer by pokemon3dsprites153. Walrein by pokemon3dsprites154. Wartortle by pokemon3dsprites155. Weezing by pokemon3dsprites156. Whiscash by pokemon3dsprites157. Wigglytuff by pokemon3dsprites158. Wingull by pokemon3dsprites159. Wobbuffet (male) by pokemon3dsprites160. Wooper by pokemon3dsprites161. Xatu by pokemon3dsprites162. Yanma by pokemon3dsprites163. Zangoose by pokemon3dsprites 164. Zapdos by pokemon3dsprites
1. Blastoise by pokemon3dsprites2. Muk by pokemon3dsprites3. Tangela by pokemon3dsprites4. Kangaskhan by pokemon3dsprites5. Electabuzz by pokemon3dsprites6. Omastar by pokemon3dsprites7. Kabutops by pokemon3dsprites8. Aerodactyl by pokemon3dsprites9. Typhlosion by pokemon3dsprites10. Quagsire by pokemon3dsprites11. Forretress by pokemon3dsprites12. Dunsparce by pokemon3dsprites13. Qwilfish by pokemon3dsprites14. Scizor by pokemon3dsprites15. Shuckle by pokemon3dsprites16. Mantine by pokemon3dsprites17. Houndoom (male) by pokemon3dsprites18. Kingdra by pokemon3dsprites19. Porygon by pokemon3dsprites20. Blissey by pokemon3dsprites21. Tyranitar by pokemon3dsprites22. Combusken by pokemon3dsprites23. Blaziken by pokemon3dsprites24. Swampert by pokemon3dsprites25. Ludicolo (male) by pokemon3dsprites26. Gardevoir by pokemon3dsprites27. Slaking by pokemon3dsprites28. Wailord by pokemon3dsprites29. Flygon by pokemon3dsprites30. Milotic (male) by pokemon3dsprites31. Tropius by pokemon3dsprites32. Chimecho by pokemon3dsprites33. Absol by pokemon3dsprites34. Salamence by pokemon3dsprites35. Metagross by pokemon3dsprites
So this is just an exclamation of why every time some people look at my profile and I go down to the very last thing And see a lot of Pokémon. The reason for that is I decided to make the page look a bit more professional by showing some of The visitors that come here who have Pokémon GO what Pokémon I have plus I will be updating the profile every time I ever catch a new one or I evolve a old one I have I got this idea from a personal friend of mine who I owe a lot for so thank you very much :iconxxbronydragon: for becoming a dear friend who swing your profile inspire me to add my Pokémon to mine :) also thanks you to the creator of these icons who I will give credit for at the bottom of this journey hope you all have a good day and an even better weekend and always remember
There’s more to reality than meets the eye:)
Toon by Transformerbrett97
its time this came out I tried to hold this in for far to long but I cant do it anymore. As you'll probably know at the end of Jan 2018 a lot of videos and post from the Brony community Started going up about Toonkriticy2k. I'm not going to go into any deep details but Toon was identified by a 14 year old girl that he was doing "inappropriate" roll playing with. after the news came out my world and reality started to change. Not only was Toon a big inspiration to me but he was also someone I could relate to in a way of YouTuber ideas and stuff like that. but After hearing this, I'm both appalled and offended by what he did. Then a lot of other people came out including people who were close to toon. Again I tried to bottle it up but I cant. Toon if your listening you are a traitor, you had no right to do what you did, and what your excuses was a load of bull. everybody has a choice to stop and if you say you couldn't isn't the same as you didn't want to. And I hope the punishment you get isn't as much painful as the pain you feel for betraying your friends family and all your fans. Now that I've said my peace on the matter let me say to anyone else effected by Toons betrayal both now or in the past, let me say to them I send my deepest condolences for what happened, and pray that now that you've said what he did that he gets what's coming to him  
Image is not owned by me 
Credit goes to: :iconmintyroot:
For many years I have watch what reality has shown many people, all the hatred, violence and, war, I've witness how many people can hate and being p.c or as some people called it politically correct. So I send this message to all that read this all the people that know that reality isn't just about all the hate, the facts, or what one person sees to the naked eye, this is to the people who see reality and can bend it to there will, who aren't afraid to show who they really are, who by making a new video on YouTube or art on deviant art give a smile to a person who watches or views it, keep doing what your doing don't let anyone stand in your way, keep showing the world that one cyber bully, troll, or p.c Nazi will not stop you from doing what you do. And to any pc Nazi, trolls, or cyber bullies reading this, even if you say the most hurtful thing you or any human can think of at me know this, no matter the rude responses, dislikes or threats you send against me, you will not stop me or people like me from doing what we were born to do, Showing every man, women, and child in the world, maybe the universe that There Is More To Reality Than Meets The Eye.